"Delving Deeper was profound -- inspiring deep conversation which is of tremendous value... Excellent!”



Delving Deeper – Summer Camp – 6 days
      Being with and Experiencing Nature

Purpose of the Camp
To hold a gathering of open minded individuals to playfully evolve, In a way that expands individual and collective awareness of who we are and the development of deeper possibilities,
so that we are more effective in practicing and becoming whole.

In 2008 and 2009, we had a limited number of participants from a variety of professional backgrounds who relaxed; learned; and experienced whole system thinking and becoming – all activities are optional! – Just like camp.


2010 (exact dates to be determined)

Approximately $1600 per person – all-inclusive except travel – “American Summer Camp Plan”

Delving Deeper

To heal the planet and heal ourselves in a way that deepens all relationships so that we become whole again

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