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Many of you have requested a way to donate to causes that Gail would have honored and appreciated. The Delving Deeper advisors all feel that the foundation led by Char Horst is a wonderful opportunity that will fulfill this need. This organization is the Green Building Foundation.

On Feb 2nd, 2009, we physically lost our friend, collaborator, and teacher, Gail Lindsey. I will miss the day to day contact I had with her – creating these sessions, teasing out ideas, and just talking about life.

Gail’s spirit is too big to be lost, however.

With the help of our friends and colleagues, Delving Deeper will be a place to continually grow Gail’s community.


Bill Reed

Friends gathered for a Celebration of Gail's Life November 12th, 2009.

Project Gail
A number of friends and colleagues assembled the following “Project Gail” retrospective of Gail’s life and legacy. These chronicle a life that is a delight and inspiration for those who have had any level of relationship with her.

It is remarkable that she influenced people in so many different ways; all of them with love and enthusiasm in the truest sense of that word. I thought I knew a lot about Gail. Based on the range of experiences shared in these emails, I barely scratched the surface of this amazing person. WOW and WHEW!

One addition I can make is that Gail was the only person I've met who could carry and inspire lengthy conversations without repetition, boring topics, or self-centeredness. She demonstrated that in numerous multi-hour talks and in particular on an eight-hour drive we made from one conference to another event. It was non-stop talk and as I was driving and it was late at night, this was good. The thing about conversations with Gail is that they were not simple discussions or debates; they were dialogues - with a clear openness and curiosity. While certainly Gail expressed a lot that came from her own experience, these conversations were opportunities that Gail used to bring out the best in you - and were used to explore, learn and go deeper into any subject.

What a great community of people that have been brought together by Gail and the common compassion for the larger world that she helped inspire in us. We hope you get a sense of that compassion and love from this collection.

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Gail Lindsey  Co-Founder 1954 - 2009
Architect Gail Lindsey, distinguished as a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects, was the founder and president of the Wake Forest, NC company, Design Harmony, Inc. With a local to international focus, she consulted on architectural projects, researched high-potential design, developed tools and training courses, and created and facilitated FUN and productive action-oriented charrettes and workshops.

Gail was a visionary leader and innovator within the rapidly evolving field of integrated design. Instrumental in the initial creation of the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating system, she was one of the first 12 LEED trainers. Gail also co-created USGBC training courses, including the early Advanced LEED training course. She established the first USGBC group in North Carolina, and as the LEED consultant for the EPA’s Computer Center in Research Triangle Park, NC, she worked with the award-winning O’Brien Atkins architectural firm to achieve a Silver rating for the project.

As chair of the National AIA Committee on the Environment, Gail created the AIA COTE Top Ten Recognition Program for “green” projects in 1996 (which has grown to be a highly-valued national AIA recognition program). She was the former chair of the NC Green Building Council and was an advisory board member of Environmental Building News. Gail gave over 300 Green Architecture workshops and presentations. She was an invited speaker at the National AIA Conventions since 1995, gave numerous presentations to colleges and universities across the country from Yale to Stanford, and presented internationally from Tokyo to New Delhi to Santiago de Chile.

Gail’s work also included: The Greening of the White House, The Greening of the Pentagon, The Greening of Habitat for Humanity, The Sustainable Design Initiatives for the National Park Service, The International Green Building Challenge and companion GBTool, the interactive CD ROM—The Green Building Advisor, the Department of Energy’s web-based high performance case study database, the Department of Defense’s Sustainable Design Training Program, and the US EPA’s Energy Star Program. She and four colleagues who serve on the advisory board of Delving Deeper worked with the US General Services Administration on “Expanding Our Approach,” proposing a higher level of design potential—regenerative design.

Delving Deeper

To heal the planet and heal ourselves in a way that deepens all relationships so that we become whole again

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