"Bill, I just wanted to let you know that meeting you yesterday changed my life...You gave me that inner spark that ignites when you hear something that hits your intuitive and spiritual sense of rightness."
- Joshua Morrison -

"It was a pleasure having you here last Friday night. A student came up to me yesterday afternoon and said that your talk “changed the way I look at everything around me.” I’d say that’s a significant outcome.
- Josh Anchors -

Coaching and Resourcing -
Personal, Project, Company, Community

1 Personal Sustainability Coaching
           Finding your purpose and essence –
           Getting to the core of your nature to clarify who you are
           and your unique role on earth

2 Project Design and Community Planning / Master Planning
           Coaching and Consulting
           Sustainable and Regenerative Project Planning and

           Developing systemic and evolutionary change in the whole
           Indicator and benchmark development –
                      Global footprinting
                      Integrating Living System thinking and design –
                      Humans and Nature as cooperative and reciprocal

3 Organizational Development / Resourcing
           Sustainable and Regenerative Business Practices

           Developing systemic and evolutionary change in

Schedule and Cost

Available on Request.
Contact: Bill Reed.

Delving Deeper

To heal the planet and heal ourselves in a way that deepens all relationships so that we become whole again

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