"In the Delving Deeper session, I realized we all came to learn but mostly to be inspired. It was indeed an inspirational presentation....More people were talking to each other after this presentation than any other!"

“Your Delving Deeper session was excellent, outstanding! "

"Bill -- Your explanations of understanding the greater systems at work are critical. With your talk in mind, many of the other seminars ended up feeling superfluous."
- Wiliam R. Spurzem -

"I wanted to tell you that your Integrative Design presentation today was the highlight of the conference for me. I found your points so refreshing - like a clear bell ringing in the midst of mass 'green marketeering'. Thank you for your inspiring presentation!"
- Rebecca Arora -



Deep/Experiential Exploration
Your relationship with You and Others.
An exploration to bring out yours and a group’s true nature and purpose in a way that enlivens and enriches your collaborative projects.

You will leave with a deep understanding of how the nature of nature principles can inform your daily choices, work, and relationships in both a personal and collaborative project context. This Personal Sustainability is the foundation for effective and lasting Whole Systems Integrative Design work.


Deep/Experiential Exploration
A deep and experiential exploration of the integral relationships between the technical and living systems world and the invisible connections that are necessary to achieve true sustainability – that is to say a vital, evolving, healthy, and living system.

You will leave with an understanding of the technical practice, collaborative process, and structure that are required to address sustainability in an effective and regenerative way.

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Experiencing Nature as a Whole System by learning from it.


Inspiring leadership and Experiencing Nature as a Whole System
Hands on work with community and natural system patterns to achieve healthy Living Systems in any project.


Schedule and Cost

Instructors: Bill Reed, the Regenerative Communites Group members, and invited guests.

Costs: $190 for a six to eight hour seminar.

Refund Policy: A 15% handling fee will apply to all refunds.

Future Offerings and Feedback

Future Offerings

Developing the Whole Child – what is education really for?
Guidelines from Nature for School Curriculum

Green Financing
Banking and Asset Management in a Green World

Breathing into the Whole – Yoga, wave theory, and fun
How we practice our lives and work

Tracking – getting intimate with Whole Systems – 6 days
Being, Experiencing, and Becoming Nature as a Whole System –
Deepening our relationship with nature and ourselves

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Delving Deeper

To heal the planet and heal ourselves in a way that deepens all relationships so that we become whole again

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